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Custom & Bespoke


About Illicium Custom

It is a long established fact that the rarer something is the more valuable and sought after it becomes. When it comes to luxury fashion this undoubtedly holds true. Gone are the days of generic, dull outfits and weathered leather bags. The modern world demands an appearance that reflects our internal value and whether we like it or not first impressions count.

Here at Illicium we understand that modern day sophistication and elegance require a bespoke touch. The Illicium customisation programme offers a unique tailoring service for any of our leather bags or other items. Whether it’s a special gift for someone important or you just want your bag to reflect a unique side of you, our personalisation and customisation services provide a touch of exclusivity. 



Initial Embossing & Foil Deboss


Bespoke Stencil Paint Design

Corporate Services

Bespoke Corporate Gifts

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