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Explore our unique online jewelry store, where each piece, from pendants and chains to leather bracelets and luxury cufflinks, promises to enhance your ensemble in a way that's distinctly Illicium.

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Goddess Of Life Necklace

Adorn yourself with our Silver Goddess of Life Necklace, a divine masterpiece capturing the essence of vitality. Crafted in sterling silver, the pendant depicts the goddess in a dance of creation, her arms outstretched as if shaping the universe. This wearable art invites you to embrace the boundless energy of life, a symbol of eternal renewal and worldly strength.

$ 100.79

Lunar Goddess Necklace

Illuminate your spirit with our Lunar Goddess Necklace. Crafted in sterling silver, the ethereal goddess gracefully holds the moon, radiating celestial energy. The silver pendant captures the essence of lunar magic, a wearable masterpiece that invokes the goddess within. Adorn yourself with this symbol of godly mystique, where the moonlight dances in the goddess's eternal embrace.

$ 100.79

Trinity Goddess Pendant

Adorn yourself with our Silver Trinity Goddess Necklace, a celestial triad etched in silver. The pendant, intricately crafted, cradles the three-headed goddess within an aura of divine grace. Picture the silver surface as a gateway to cosmic realms, each curve an invitation to the sacred stories woven in the trinity. Wear this emblem, a talisman of ethereal blessings and goddess lore.

$ 100.79

Moonstone Wolf Necklace

Unleash the allure of the night with our Moonstone Wolf Moon Necklace. A 925 sterling silver wolf gracefully raises its head in a soulful howl beneath the celestial glow of a crescent moon. This elegant piece captures the untamed spirit of the wilderness, inviting you to embrace the beauty and mystery of the moonlit world around you.

$ 88.19

Onyx Werewolf Necklace

Embrace the mystique with our Silver Onyx Werewolf Necklace, a tale of moonlit transformations etched in silver and onyx. The werewolf's silhouette, intricately crafted, guarded by onyx orbs - an emblem of lunar energies. Picture the silver fur glistening like moonbeams on a mysterious night. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a talisman that whispers of moonlit metamorphoses and ancient lore.

$ 100.79

Onyx Wolf Necklace

In the heart of a forgotten wilderness, amidst ancient ruins shrouded in whispers of a bygone era, there lies a hidden relic—a mesmerizing testament to the formidable spirits of two legendary predators. Behold the Ancient Onyx Wolf Necklace, an ethereal synthesis of untamed power and timeless elegance. Crafted with exquisite artistry, this extraordinary howling wolf pendant is a mesmerizing tribute to the primal bond shared between the majestic wolf and the moon. A masterful blend of gleaming silver and dark obsidian, it captures the essence of ancient wisdom and untamed wilderness.

$ 88.19

Celestial Matrix Necklace

Draped in mystery, our Celestial Matrix Necklace transcends the ordinary. Crafted with cosmic precision, the pendant weaves an ethereal dance of geometric enchantment. Picture the silver surface as a cosmic canvas, each line and curve a celestial whisper. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a wearable portal to realms unseen, where geometry meets the mystique of the cosmos.

$ 100.79

Karma Wheel Necklace

Adorn yourself with our Silver Karma Wheel Necklace, a portal to cosmic cycles. Crafted intricately, the sterling pendant is a dance of fate and destiny. Picture the silver surface as a celestial wheel, each spoke an unspoken tale. Wear this emblem, a talisman of karmic mysteries, inviting the silent whispers of the universe to grace your neck.

$ 100.79

Silver Tree of Life

Experience the profound connection between the divine and earthly realms with our Tree of Life Pendant. This pendant features a magnificent golden tree, its branches reaching towards the heavens. Against a backdrop of swirling silver and black, the intricate details of the tree come alive, symbolising the eternal cycle of life, wisdom, and strength. Wear this pendant as a talisman, and let the interwoven realms of the cosmic tree guide you towards a harmonious existence, where roots anchor you to the past and branches propel you towards a limitless future.

$ 88.19

Celtic Tree Of Life

Wear the elegance of nature with our Silver Tree of Life Necklace. Sterling branches reach for the heavens, adorned with intricate leaves that shimmer like the morning dew. This pendant is a visual ode to life's interconnected beauty, a miniature arboreal masterpiece capturing the essence of growth and harmony. Embrace the power of the eternal tree around your neck.

$ 100.79

Onyx Dragon Necklace

Enchant your spirit with our Silver Onyx Dragon Necklace, a mystic tale etched in onyx and silver. The dragon's sinuous form, crafted intricately, guards the onyx stone—an embodiment of arcane energies. Picture the silver scales gleaming like moonlit ripples on a mystical lake. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a talisman that whispers ancient secrets and dragon lore.

$ 100.79

Amethyst Dragon Necklace

Awaken the mystical with our Amethyst Dragon Pendant, a tale of ethereal beauty etched in silver. The dragon, intricately sculpted, guards a radiant amethyst orb—an embodiment of enchantment. Picture the silver scales shimmering, a dance of amethyst hues. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a talisman that whispers secrets of dragon-guarded realms and amethyst mystique.

$ 100.79

Dragon Moon Necklace

Elevate your style with our Dragon Moon Necklace. A silver dragon, poised in celestial splendor, cradles the moon in its serpentine embrace. This pendant is a dance of mythical elegance, where lunar radiance meets the mystique of dragon scales. Adorn yourself with this celestial saga, a wearable masterpiece that captures the magic of moonlit fantasy.

$ 100.79

Dragon Yin Yang Necklace

Harmony takes flight with our Silver Dragon Yin Yang Necklace. A majestic dragon coils in a timeless dance of balance its long tail creating a yin yang masterpiece, embodying the delicate equilibrium of opposing forces. Adorn yourself with this symbol of unity, where the serpentine grace of dragons meets the eternal dance of harmony.

$ 100.79

Silver Zodiac Dragon Necklace

Embark on a celestial journey with our Silver Zodiac Dragon Necklace, an ancient tale etched in silver. The dragon's form, intricately crafted, weaves through the zodiac, a guardian of celestial energies. Picture the silver scales shimmering with starlight, a dance of mythical constellations. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a talisman that whispers of cosmic connections and dragon-guarded mysteries.

$ 100.79

Burning Phoenix Necklace

Ignite your spirit with our Silver Phoenix Necklace, a tale of rebirth and celestial grace etched in silver. The phoenix, meticulously crafted, spreads its wings around a luminous gem—an embodiment of cosmic energy. Picture the silver feathers ablaze, a mesmerizing dance of eternal renewal. Adorn yourself with this emblem, a talisman whispering tales of mythical resurrection and celestial lore.

$ 100.79

Ancient Horus Necklace

Adorn yourself with our Silver Horus Necklace, a tale etched in silver. The pendant, meticulously crafted, features the majestic falcon god Horus, symbol of divine protection. Picture the silver surface as a celestial canvas, each curve an invitation to the enigmatic stories woven within the Horus pendant. Wear this emblem, a talisman of ethereal protection and celestial legend.

$ 100.79

Egyptian Gods Necklace

Adorn yourself with our Silver Egyptian Gods Necklace, a saga etched in sterling silver. Meticulously crafted, the pendant showcases ancient deities in divine communion. Picture the silver surface as a portal to mystical realms, each curve an invitation to the enigmatic stories woven within the Egyptian Gods pendant. Wear this emblem, a talisman of ethereal connections and divine legend.

$ 100.79

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At Illicium every piece tells a story of timeless elegance and modern allure. Dive into our exquisite Jewellery Collection, where craftsmanship meets innovation. From captivating necklaces that steal the spotlight to delicately crafted cufflinks that whisper sophistication, Illicium's carefully curated jewelry collection is a journey into refined luxury. Each piece designed to reflect the essence of contemporary style, ensuring you stand out with grace, confidence and meaning.

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