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leather messenger work bag

How To Find The Best Men’s Work Bag

Unless we’re talking about the unexpected worldwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, these days bags are an essential component of everyday outfits, particularly for work. If you work outside home, the

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leather craft

How Is Leather Made

Leather is a sturdy material that gets developed through lengthy, technical processes to ensure you receive the precision and quality you deserve in the final product. When the right steps are followed,

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real vs fake leather

How to tell if leather is real

Leather is a charming, timeless and luxurious material, that has been used for centuries to create the finest goods, ranging from leather satchels and bags to warrior hide armour all the way

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ceo leather messenger bag

How to Look Like a Top CEO

You can see a natural leader walking down the street a mile off. There is something different about that person, something which sets them apart from everyone else. For most leaders, it

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illicium leather backpack

5 Best Leather Backpacks for 2021

One of the best investments you can make for travel, commuting, and adventure is in a high-quality leather backpack. Although most rucksacks are practical and functional, some don’t always check the comfort

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