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shirts to wear with cufflinks
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Shirts to Wear with Cufflinks: A New Dazzle to Your Attire

Cufflinks – those tiny, glimmering accessories that can transform an ordinary shirt into a statement of elegance and sophistication. 

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering which shirts to wear with cufflinks, you’re not alone. 

Whether you’re gearing up for a formal event or aiming to add a touch of flair to your daily office attire, mastering the art of pairing cufflinks with the right shirt is an essential skill. 

Let’s dive into the world of cufflinks, exploring the types of shirts that complement them, and unravelling the secrets to a well-coordinated ensemble.

What Are Cufflinks?

Before we delve into what shirts to wear with cufflinks, let’s get a handle on what cufflinks actually are. 

Cufflinks are small fasteners used to secure the cuffs of dress shirts. 

Unlike traditional buttons, cufflinks are detachable and often come in a variety of designs, materials, and styles. 

They serve as both functional and decorative elements, adding a touch of personal style to your ensemble. 

From classic and understated to bold and eye-catching, cufflinks allow you to express your individuality while exuding an air of refinement.

Wearing Cufflinks with Regular Shirt

What Kind of Shirts to Wear with Cufflinks?

Choosing the right shirts to wear with cufflinks to showcase them in the best way is crucial. 

First things first, you’ll need a french cuff dress shirt, which has a double cuff at the end of the sleeve that overlaps and is fastened by cufflinks.

While almost any french cuff shirts – those with longer, folded-back cuffs – can accommodate cufflinks, some fabrics and styles work better than others. 

Opt for shirts made from high-quality materials like cotton or silk, as these lend themselves well to the polished look that cufflinks offer.

For a truly harmonious pairing, consider a shirt with a classic spread collar. 

The wider collar spread frames the cufflinks beautifully and provides the perfect canvas to display their elegance. 

Remember, the shirt’s colour, pattern, and texture also play a pivotal role in achieving a cohesive look.

What Kind of Shirts to Wear with Cufflinks? | French Cuffs

How to Adjust a Regular Button Cuff Shirt to Wear Cufflinks

Now that we have covered what kind of shirts to wear with cufflinks, lets look at an alternative type of shirt to wear with cufflinks that has grown in popularity in recent times.

If you have the intention of wearing cufflinks with a regular single-cuffed shirt, a straightforward adaptation can guarantee a proper and comfortable fit. 

By adhering to these guidelines, you can modify your shirt to be cufflink-friendly:

Collect Your Materials: Prepare a seam ripper, scissors, a ruler or measuring tape, a needle and thread in a matching color.

Identify Buttonhole Stitching: Locate any buttonhole stitching that restricts the cuff’s full opening. Usually, you’ll find a lone line of stitching that hampers complete unbuttoning.

Remove the Stitching: Utilise the seam ripper cautiously to eliminate the stitching that limits the cuff’s movement. Carefully slide the sharp tip of the seam ripper beneath each stitch and gently lift until the thread is cut. Continue this process until the entire stitched row is detached.

Generate Additional Buttonholes: Measure the space between the existing buttonhole and the cuff’s edge. Utilize this measurement as guidance to craft new buttonholes on the inner cuff. Mark the chosen spots for the new buttonholes using a fabric pen or chalk.

Cut the Buttonholes: Delicately create small vertical slits at the marked positions using sharp scissors. These slits should be adequately wide to accommodate the cufflinks you intend to wear. Approach this step with precision to ensure clean and uniform cuts.

Secure the Edges: To prevent fraying, employ a needle and thread to sew a few small stitches along the edges of each newly-cut buttonhole. This reinforcement enhances the fabric’s durability and provides a seamless finish. Opt for thread that matches the shirt’s color.

Test the Fit: After completing the adjustments, button up the cuff and insert your chosen cufflinks through the newly established buttonholes. Confirm that the cufflinks fit snugly and comfortably without straining the fabric.

Through these simple steps, your regular shirt can be transformed into a stylish canvas for cufflinks, allowing you to effortlessly embrace a more refined and personalised style.

Wearing Cufflinks with Regular Shirt

Why Use Cufflinks Instead of Buttons?

Ah, the age-old debate: buttons or cufflinks? 

While buttons are the conventional choice, cufflinks introduce an element of panache that buttons simply can’t match. 

Cufflinks are an opportunity to elevate your style and make a subtle yet impactful statement. 

They evoke a sense of old-world charm and sophistication, harking back to a time when attention to detail was paramount.

Cufflinks also offer versatility; they transition seamlessly from formal occasions to business settings, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different ensembles. 

Moreover, cufflinks provide a chance to express your personality through your outfit, demonstrating your keen eye for style.

Different Coloured Shirts to Wear with Cufflinks

Now comes the exciting part – coordinating different coloured shirts to wear with cufflinks.

Let’s explore some popular shirt colours and how to pair cufflinks with them:

White Shirt

The white dress shirt is a timeless classic, offering a clean canvas for your cufflinks to shine. For a polished and elegant look, opt for silver or platinum cufflinks. Their understated shimmer complements the pristine white background without overpowering it. If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider mother-of-pearl cufflinks for a touch of iridescent charm. These choices create a harmonious balance, enhancing the sophistication of the white shirt.

mechanical watch cufflinks

Black Shirt

A black dress shirt exudes an air of mystery and intrigue, making it a bold choice for formal events. To enhance this dramatic look, select cufflinks with dark and opulent tones. Black onyx or deep blue sapphire cufflinks can create a striking contrast against the black fabric, drawing attention to your cuffs in an alluring manner. These contrasting colours create a visual focal point, allowing your cufflinks to stand out against the dark backdrop.

shirts to wear with cufflinks 2

Navy Blue Shirt

Navy blue shirts exude confidence and sophistication. To enhance this aura, select cufflinks that complement the deep blue hue. Gold or rose gold cufflinks lend a warm and opulent touch to your ensemble, creating a refined contrast against the navy background. For a more contemporary edge, opt for geometric or patterned cufflinks that infuse a sense of dynamism into your outfit.

shirts to wear with cufflinks 2

Light Blue Shirt

The light blue shirt, a symbol of freshness and versatility, opens doors to a spectrum of cufflink choices. For a polished and refined look, opt for silver or white gold cufflinks. Their subtle gleam complements the soothing hue of the shirt, adding an understated charm to your outfit. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for contrast and a touch of boldness, consider navy blue cufflinks. This pairing creates a captivating interplay of colours, catching the eye with its elegant divergence.

shirts to wear with cufflinks 3

Pink Shirt

A pink shirt, whether soft pastel or vibrant fuchsia, exudes confidence and modernity. When selecting cufflinks for this charismatic colour, consider rose gold or copper options. These warm-toned cufflinks seamlessly integrate with the pink palette, enhancing its sophistication. Alternatively, opt for mother-of-pearl cufflinks that add a touch of iridescence, lending a unique flair to your attire. The result is a harmonious blend of shades that showcases your fashion-forward approach.

nimble made SY0mVo MRQ8 unsplash

How to Combine and Pair Cufflinks with Your Outfit

Pairing cufflinks with your attire is akin to curating a work of art. It requires a keen eye for detail and a thoughtful approach. 

To achieve a harmonious look, consider the following tips:

Match Metals and Materials: When choosing cufflinks, take into account the metal and material of other accessories you’re wearing, such as your belt buckle, watch, or tie bar. Coordinating these elements ensures a cohesive and polished appearance.

Consider the Occasion: The occasion dictates the type of cufflinks to wear. For formal events, opt for classic and elegant designs, while playful and novelty cufflinks can add a touch of personality to casual gatherings.

Balance with Other Accessories: Cufflinks should complement, not overpower, your overall look. If you’re wearing a bold tie or pocket square, opt for more understated cufflinks. Conversely, if your outfit is relatively subdued, seize the opportunity to showcase more intricate cufflinks.

Pattern Play: If your shirt features a bold pattern or intricate design, opt for simple and understated cufflinks. On the other hand, if your shirt is plain, don’t hesitate to experiment with intricate or novelty cufflinks to inject personality.

silver vintage shirt cuffs


In conclusion, mastering the art of pairing shirts to wear with cufflinks is a subtle yet impactful skill that can elevate your style quotient. 

From the timeless elegance of a white shirt to the bold allure of a black shirt, different coloured shirts to wear with cufflinks provide a unique backdrop for your cufflink choices. 

Remember, cufflinks are more than just functional fasteners – they’re an expression of your personal style and attention to detail. 

So, the next time you’re buttoning up that dress shirt, consider adding a touch of sophistication and flair with a pair of meticulously chosen cufflinks. 

Your cuffs will thank you for it.

Cufflinks Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Cufflinks with Any Type of Shirt?

Cufflinks are traditionally worn with dress shirts that feature French cuffs. These cuffs have an extended length that can be folded back, allowing cufflinks to be fastened. While cufflinks are designed to be worn with dressier shirts, there are variations in styles and occasions. French cuffs are typically found on formal and semi-formal dress shirts, so it’s best to stick with this style if you’re planning to wear cufflinks.

Can You Wear Cufflinks Casually?

Absolutely! Cufflinks aren’t strictly reserved for formal events. In fact, they can add a touch of personality and flair to your casual attire. Consider wearing novelty or themed cufflinks for a playful and relaxed look. Just remember to strike a balance – avoid overly extravagant cufflinks that might seem out of place in a casual setting. Think of cufflinks as an opportunity to express your style, even on more relaxed occasions.

Should I Wear Cufflinks to a Wedding?

Wearing cufflinks to a wedding can be an excellent choice, especially if the wedding has a formal or semi-formal dress code. Cufflinks add a polished touch to your ensemble and can enhance the overall elegance of your outfit. However, it’s essential to consider the wedding’s theme and formality. If the wedding is more casual or has a specific theme, you might opt for cufflinks that align with the overall vibe. When in doubt, a classic and understated pair of cufflinks is usually a safe bet for a wedding.

Are Cufflinks Out of Fashion?

Cufflinks have stood the test of time and continue to be a stylish accessory choice for individuals who appreciate the attention to detail. While fashion trends come and go, cufflinks maintain their timeless appeal. They offer a unique opportunity to showcase personal style and elevate your look, whether you’re attending a formal event or adding a touch of sophistication to your daily attire. So, rest assured, cufflinks are not out of fashion – they’re a classic accessory that can enhance your overall appearance.

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