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Explore our exquisite collection of timeless silver and gold jewellery for men, featuring sleek pendants, stylish chains, vintage cufflinks, and meticulously crafted rings. Embrace the allure of fine handcrafted jewellery for a journey of unique self-expression.

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Mineral Masterpiece Cufflinks

Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Mineral Masterpiece Cufflinks, a true marvel of craftsmanship and luxury. Each cufflink is carved from a unique piece of marble-like stone, ensuring no two pairs are ever the same. The rich, swirling patterns and exquisite texture of the mineral create an alluring contrast with the sleek and polished silver base. The weighty feel of the sparkly stone and the smoothness of the metal makes these cufflinks a pleasure to wear, infusing a touch of confident refinement to your every move.

£ 32.99

Azure Ice Cufflinks

Step into a world of enchantment with our Azure Ice Cufflinks. As you slip them on, you’ll be captivated by the dazzling blue crystal that shimmers and shines like a sparkling lagoon on a summer’s day. The intricate silver setting enhances the crystal’s natural beauty, creating a breathtaking piece of wearable art that is as timeless as it is stunning. Each time you move your arms, the blue crystal seems to come to life, casting a spellbinding aura that is sure to draw compliments and admiration.

£ 34.99

Golden Mirage Cufflinks

Marvel at the Golden Mirage Cufflinks - a golden masterpiece of breathtaking design that is impossible to ignore. Every detail of the rich golden hue is a true work of art, intricately crafted to the utmost perfection. The shimmering cufflinks crystals, like captured stars, twinkle with every movement, casting a spellbinding aura that captivates all eyes. Perfect for any occasion, these gold plated cufflinks add a touch of unparalleled elegance to any outfit.

£ 35.99

Crown Jewel Cufflinks

Marvel at the opulence of royalty with the Crown Jewel Cufflinks. Expertly crafted from gleaming 18k gold, these exquisite cufflinks feature a small, sparkling purple stone at their centre, adding a touch of regal grandeur to your attire. With their intricate design and attention to detail, these cufflinks are fit for a king, adding a touch of luxury to any outfit. Elevate your style and exude confidence with these majestic cufflinks, the perfect accessory for any special occasion.

£ 34.99

Shadowed Sun Cufflinks

The Shadowed Sun Cufflinks showcase a stunning fusion of gold and black, each colour complementing the other in a strikingly beautiful way. The gold is radiant, like a warm, glowing sun, while the black is deep and mysterious, like the infinite depths of space. Together, they create a mesmerising effect that is both modern and timeless. The design of these mens cufflinks features a sleek, geometric shape that exudes confidence and sophistication sure to complete any ensemble.

£ 32.99

Maple Leaf Cufflinks

As sunlight dances across the polished surface, the Gold Maple Leaf Cufflinks radiate a regal elegance. Each expertly carved leaf glistens with autumn's warm, golden tone. The intricate veins of the leaves add depth and texture, inviting the eye to explore their intricate details. These cufflinks are a stunning addition to any wardrobe, evoking a sense of natural beauty and refined taste.

£ 32.99

Gold Anchor Cufflinks

The anchor, a symbol of stability and strength, has been an iconic image throughout history. With our gold anchor cufflinks, you can now carry its essence with you wherever you go. The anchor design is masterfully crafted to capture the intricate details of this symbol of the sea, from the sharp curves of its flukes to the sturdy shape of its shank. The golden finish gives these cufflinks a regal touch, making them an ideal accessory to add a touch of ageless class to your style.

£ 32.99

Butterfly Flutter Cufflinks

Adorn your cuffs with the enchanting beauty of the Butterfly Cufflinks. The orange spots against the bright blue backdrop create a striking contrast against the butterfly’s delicate wings, dancing in the light like jewels in a treasure trove. One can almost feel the flutter of the butterfly’s wings as they flutter and twirl, bringing a sense of freedom and vitality to your style. Wear these men’s cufflinks with pride and let the magic of the butterfly’s wings lift your spirits and inspire your style.

£ 32.99

Little Turtle Cufflinks

Imagine a tranquil pond, shimmering in the dappled sunlight of a verdant forest. Among the lily pads and gentle ripples, two sleek and stylish turtles glide gracefully, their emerald shells catching the light and reflecting it back in a dazzling display of colour. These are our Little Turtle Cufflinks, a stunning accessory that captures the essence of nature's beauty and combines it with the sophistication and elegance of high-end fashion. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, each cufflink features a polished silver turtle with intricate textures and patterns, highlighted by a vibrant green enamel finish that sparkles and shines.

£ 29.99

Arctic Spider Cufflinks

Introducing the stunning beauty of the Arctic Spider cufflinks, a true masterpiece of artistry and craftsmanship, combining the classic elegance of cufflinks with the daring edge of a spider-inspired design. The vivid blue crystals are like icy glaciers reminiscent of the purest sapphires, carefully set in a silver base to form the body of each spider. The legs are meticulously crafted with utmost attention to detail, seeming to spring to life with a sense of movement and fluidity.

£ 32.99

Buzzing Bee Cufflinks

Our Buzzing Bee Cufflinks, a vibrant display of nature's fierce yet captivating beauty, are sure to ignite the imagination and stir the soul. The cufflinks display a striking hornet bee design embellished with shimmering crystals in a rainbow of vivid hues. The intricate design showcases the hornet's impressive wingspan, fierce gaze, and bold stripes, making it the perfect accessory for the confident and stylish individual who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

£ 32.99

Timeless Sands Cufflinks

Experience the allure of our Timeless Sands hourglass cufflinks, poised gracefully on your wrist. With their intricate sand-filled chambers and smooth curves, they transport you to an era of refined elegance. Wearing these cufflinks connects you to the present moment, appreciating the concept of time. Whether it's a formal occasion or daily attire, these cufflinks are a timeless statement, reminding you to treasure every precious moment life offers.

£ 31.99

Worldly Globe Cufflinks

The intricate detailing on these cufflinks brings to life the intricate geography of our planet. Each continent, island and ocean is beautifully rendered, highlighting the diversity and complexity of the world we live in, finished in a sharply contrasting blue and silver for an added pop. Wear these cufflinks and you’ll be sure to attract attention and admiration for your appreciation of global cultures and your sense of adventure. With our Worldly Globe Links on your cuffs, you’ll be ready to explore new horizons and expand your own horizons.

£ 31.99

Checkmate Chess Cufflinks

Make your move with our Checkmate Chess Cufflinks - a perfect accessory for any chess enthusiast or stylish individual looking to add a touch of sophistication to their outfit. These exquisite cufflinks feature intricate miniature chess pieces, crafted with fine attention to detail and finished in a sleek, polished silver-tone. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply want to elevate your everyday look, these chess cufflinks are a perfect choice, not just a fashion statement, but also a symbol of intelligence, strategy, and class.

£ 29.99

Grand Prix Car

Rev up your style with our F1-inspired Grand Prix Racing Cufflinks. These sleek accessories embody the thrill of speed and precision, transporting you to the driver's seat of a roaring race car. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, each cufflink captures every lifelike detail, from the aerodynamic shape to the finely painted tires. With our exquisite eye for detail, these cufflinks are more than just an accessory - they're a work of art. Zoom past the competition and capture the admiration of your peers with these unique silver car cufflinks.  

£ 27.99

Regal Frost Cufflinks

Unleash your inner monarch with our Regal Frost Cufflinks. With an intricate design inspired by the lavish opulence of royalty, these handcrafted masterpieces evoke images of gleaming crown jewels, luxurious tapestries, and majestic thrones. The seamless blend of silver and blue creates a stunning contrast that's bound to command attention and make a lasting impression. Add a touch of regal elegance to your wardrobe and reign supreme in style.

£ 32.99

Ancient Braided Chain

The raw and rugged design of these Ancient Braided Chain Cufflinks blends old-school brute with modern gentleman. The thick cable link motif is made of stainless steel and features etched accents that flow through the circular side panels. Hand-polished and finished to high standards, these cufflinks are grandiose without being profligate - a true measure of refined fashion. Wear it over your neutral-coloured suits, businesswear, and smart casuals to complete the look.

£ 29.99

Red Rose Cufflinks

Our striking Red Rose Cufflinks are a beautiful homage to the timeless symbol of love and passion. Handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail, the delicate petals of each rose are expertly sculpted and perfectly contrasted by a sleek silver finish. The vivid hue of the roses is eye- catching and bold, making a statement that is both elegant and unforgettable, sure to leave a lasting impression.

£ 27.99

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At Illicium London, our handmade jewellery for men prides itself on sophistication, durability and skilled craftsmanship. Discover the power of accessorising with our exquisite range of rings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and various other men's accessories.
Shop our collection of affordable mens jewelry and style yourself to perfection, the Illicium way.

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