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wedding cufflinks for groom
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The 7 Best Wedding Cufflinks For Groom and Groomsmen (2023)

Cufflinks are a type of accessory used to fasten the cuffs of dress shirts. They add a touch of elegance and style to an outfit and are a fitting choice for formal events, including black-tie events, formal dinners and are very popular amongst weddinggoers. 

Whether you require wedding cufflinks for groom, groomsman or guest, cufflinks can turn a mediocre outfit into one that exudes sheer style; perfect for such a special day.

Mens cufflinks have been around for over 400 years, popularised by King Charles II, who was renowned for his impeccable style. Cufflinks, to this day, are seen as powerful symbols of wealth and status.

With the vast selection of cufflinks on offer, choosing a pair that fits the special occasion, reflects your personal style, and complements every detail of your wedding wardrobe can be a challenge.

But have no fear…

We cover the 7 best wedding cufflinks for groom and groomsmen that are perfect for men and include helpful tips on matching them with your wedding ensemble.

Ready to take your wedding cufflinks game up a notch? 

Ok, let’s dive in.

  1. Gold Vintage Cufflinks (Illicium London)

These cufflinks are sure to make a statement and take your wedding attire to the next level. Crafted with intricate detail, the 24K gold-plated cufflinks provide a unique shine as a result of their polished chrome finish. They contrast exceptionally well with lighter-coloured shirts (white, light blue, light grey etc) which are the typical shirt colours of choice at weddings.

The gold vintage cufflinks provide a perfect balance between value and quality.

grand gold cufflinks

  1. Silver Oval Personalized Wedding Cufflinks (Cufflinks Man)

If you’re a groom, best man or groomsman seeking to add an extra special and personal sentiment to your cufflinks on the big day, look no further. Personalised wedding cufflinks have become hugely popular in recent times! 

An economical choice for all budgets, these timeless keepsakes can be cherished in your home for many years as lasting memories of one of life’s most momentous occasions.

oval cufflinks

  1. Charm of Sapphire Cufflinks (Illicium London)

With their striking colour contrast and intricate detailing, these extraordinary wedding cufflinks are sure to captivate the human eye. Rocking them is an effortless way to coordinate your wedding look – imagine a royal blue suit, with a white shirt and a silver watch complemented by these silver sapphire-coloured cufflinks.

The sapphire cufflinks provide a perfect balance between value and quality.

charm of sapphire cufflinks

  1. Black Stone Chained Cufflinks (The Cufflinks Store)

Add a fashionable flair to your ensemble with these sleek silver and black rectangular cufflinks. Their timeless design offers endless versatility, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into any formal wedding look! Perfect for the modern man looking for an understated accessory that exudes sophistication.

An affordable, yet stylish pair of cufflinks.

silver black cuffs
  1. Infinite Loop Cufflinks (Illicium London)

‘Tying the knot’? These cufflinks are the ultimate representation of love, devotion and union. A magnificent piece of artistry that honours such a momentous occasion. Whilst purely silver cufflinks do not usually contrast as well with lighter-coloured shirts worn for weddings, if you prefer an understated look, then these stylish pieces will be perfect for you. If you want to make more of a statement with your cufflinks, go for the gold version!

A budget-friendly set of wedding cufflinks that oozes style and sophistication.

infinite loop cufflinks
  1. Minimalist Square Cufflinks (John Henric)

These modern cufflinks are the ideal accessory to complement your wedding ensemble if you’re looking for an elegant, understated look. Offered in gold and silver, they perfectly match any typical colour scheme or attire for the big day. An effortless addition that will surely take your style up a notch.

The minimalist square cufflinks provide a perfect balance between value and quality.

gold cufflinks

  1. Nautilus Cufflinks (Patek)

Seeking the highest calibre of cufflinks? Look no further than the sapphire crystal and 18k white gold cufflinks from Patek. Boasting a history spanning almost two centuries, they specialise in producing men’s accessories of unparalleled luxury, including watches, wallets and cufflinks. 

An expensive and luxurious option for those seeking to indulge in premium quality cufflinks. 

patek cufflinks

Create a lasting impression with Cartier’s uniquely designed cufflinks. Crafted from 925 sterling silver and 950 palladium, these high-quality cufflinks are perfect for adding the finishing touches to your wedding look. With a bold mixture of blue and silver that stands out against white or light-blue shirts, you can easily accessorise these cufflinks to match other pieces in your ensemble (tie, socks, watch, rings etc).

A premium-priced pair of cufflinks that reflect their fine quality.

cartier cufflink


Whether you require wedding cufflinks for groom or guest, selecting the ideal pair of cufflinks for a wedding can be daunting. After all, there are many factors to consider – like the colour scheme, dress code and personal style preferences. 

Our 7 (+1) recommendations provide a diverse set of cufflinks coming in a variety of price brackets, shapes, sizes and materials. The right set of cufflinks will add chicness and sophistication while also making an unforgettable statement on such an eventful day – so choose wisely!

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