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Best Gift Ideas for Men in 2021: Give Something They’re Guaranteed to Love

The start of a new year means there are 365 days to create unforgettable moments and memories. Outside of the usual holidays, you have birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate with that special man in your life.

Most guys like practical stuff. That means anything from headphones to a watch can serve as a special gift. When you want to take the reaction you get to the next level, you’ll want to consider leather.

When you give leather goods, you’re offering a timeless gift with unmistakable style, durability, and flexibility. Here are some options to consider.

The Illicium Pick: The Backpack

Our full-grain vintage design delivers the perfect balance of style, strength, and affordable luxury. That special guy in your life will appreciate the natural leather aroma upon unpacking this gorgeous backpack, and its versatility for work and travel make it his next go-to item. It works as well for a trip to the gym as it does for an upcoming holiday!

If your man needs something a little different, we highly recommend reviewing our leather duffle bag or messenger to add that touch of sophistication to his routine.

Kingshood Leather Backpack

9 Additional Leather Goods to Give Your Guy in 2021

The best leather gifts to give this year can come from any producer. We highly recommend verifying the products’ quality before completing your purchase to ensure the item meets or exceeds your expectations.

These lovely ideas are perfect for a just-because gift, birthday, holiday, or the traditional third-anniversary present.

1. Leather Photo Printing

At JW Design Studio, you can turn your treasured memories into beautiful leather engraved photographs. They use a laser framework to recreate your image that you can frame, and he can hang at it home, work, or wherever he wants. You can even pay a small fee to add custom text to the image.

leather photo frame

2. Leather Monogrammed Bracelet

Some guys love wearing leather bracelets every day. It’s a simple way to approach fashion and luxury without needing to make a big statement. KSL Leather Factory uses sterling silver and 18K gold vermeil to include your custom info on this stunning item. You can select from several hues to ensure your gift makes the perfect first impression.

leather braclet

3. Leather Wallets

When your man prefers small leather goods as a choice gift, the Tommy Hilfiger Business CC and Coin wallet offers plenty of potential. It uses a zip fastener to ensure the valuables stay secure while adopting a universal design to store all of his payment cards. The texture has enough smoothness for those who prefer something traditional while maintaining extra room for the essentials.

leather wallet

4. Leather Bow Tie

The Mr. Baker Fine Leather Bow Tie comes in three sizes, with brown or black options, to deliver the perfect fashion statement. The company uses American-based full-grain leather to create that finishing touch, with a handcrafted family touch added to each order. It’s a way to enjoy memories from the past while looking forward to the future.

leather bow tie

5. Leather Journal

This handmade premium leather journal by Scriveiner provides the perfect spot for daily writing or taking notes. It uses cotton paper to deliver a high-quality writing surface while offering the durability he needs for everyday use. The producer uses only fair-traded products to create an eco-friendly experience, and your purchase even contributes a small donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council.

leather journal

6. Leather Accessory Box

Pottery Barn offers a beautiful leather accessory box that holds all of your guy’s most precious items. It has room for rings, his glasses, a watch, bracelets, and more. It’s built to be of heirloom quality so that he can pass down this gifted treasure to the next generation when the time is right. You’ll adore the pebbled construction and matching stitching, and you have the option to add a monogram.

leather accessory box

7. Leather Attire

You can find the classic leather jacket available through Nordstrom to give the gift of an investment piece. He’ll get years of wear from this item when it receives proper care, using the traditional bomber look that never goes out of style. You can even splurge a little to get matching gloves for driving, riding a motorcycle, or to complete a fashionable look.

The jacket features one-button cuffs, front flap pockets, and elbow patches for additional strength. The interior lining is a wool/poly/acrylic blend. It’s created by ALLSAINTS, a brand that offers a nod to All Saints Road in Notting Hill.

leather jacket

8. Leather Mousepad

Does your man spend a lot of time working on his computer? If so, the perfect gift might be a monogrammed full-grain leather mousepad from Northwind Supply. You can have it made in several hues, and his initials can be in gold or silver foil. A maximum of three letters is available in caps only, with numbers unavailable. Each item is made-to-order.

leather mouse pad

9. Leather Care Items

After selecting the best leather goods to give to your special guy, it helps to include some care and maintenance products. Although this natural material stands up to the elements well, it needs some occasional help to stay protected and conditioned. The best options provide a non-toxic care approach without solvents, silicone, or fragrance. We recommend reviewing Leather Honey and its qualities to see if it is right for your needs.

leather honey

What Is the Perfect Leather Gift for the Guy in Your Life?

Why are leather goods the perfect gift? Well, quite simply it provides a reminder of how we must stay flexible if we want to remain strong. As life asks us to adapt and change, this material represents the shelter that you have together or apart against the storms that our world creates.

Whether you select a genuine leather bag, wallet, or bow tie, the message remains the same. Your appreciation of that special guy in your life will continue to endure because it was built to last. 

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