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The Best Leather Duffle Bags on the Market in 2023

The leather duffle bag is arguably the most versatile and usable luggage and daily carry item in your arsenal. You can use it for work, take it to the gym, or enjoy a long weekend holiday with the family all with this one investment.

That’s not the only benefit to consider when you start shopping for the best leather duffle bags on the market right now. Several advantages (along with a few disadvantages) are worth reviewing, in determining whether a duffle bag is best fit for you.

Advantages of Leather Duffel BagsDisadvantages of Leather Duffel Bags
Leather is timeless and always fashionable; duffel bags add an element of sophistication to that perspective.If you commute by foot over a long distance, it could be challenging to carry a duffel and keep its contents organised.
Instead of using a rigid design, you can take advantage of its flexibility and expandable suppleness for extra storage assistance when you need to stash items.You’ll pay more for a full-grain leather duffel bag than one made from nylon or polyester and it takes more effort to care for genuine leather than other materials.
The unstructured shape of a leather duffel bag makes it perfect for anyone who needs extra packing space.A duffle bag can sometimes be a bit bulky for fast-paced daily use.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you’ll appreciate the simple luxury that the best leather duffle bag brings to your routine. Here are some of the best choices available right now.

Best Leather Duffle Bags You Can Find Online

Several brands offer their unique takes on the classic leather duffel bag. After a thorough review of each design, here are the best leather duffle bags offered for sale today.

1. Kodiak 60L Weekender Duffel

This duffel bag raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter when it first got introduced to the marketplace. It’s made from 100% top-grain (not full-grain) 2 tone dark brown leather, featuring four exterior compartments and two magnet-latch pockets. You’ll even receive a separate shoe area, and it uses brass hardware to provide a rugged, vintage look.

best leather duffle bag

2. Piel Leather Duffel on Wheels

If you carry heavier items with you to work or while travelling on holiday, you’ll appreciate this lovely caramel brown leather duffel. It uses two half-moon pockets on the front and a large zippered one on the side to expand your space. You’ll have a telescoping handle and roller-blade wheels for convenient walking through airports or double handles to carry it. This flexibility ensures you can take the bag with you wherever you’re going and whatever the weight.

piel duffle bag

3. Jackson Wayne Cabin Weekender

Although this leather duffel bag sells out quickly, you’ll still appreciate its durability and craftsmanship. The manufacturer uses waxed canvas with a twill weave with full-grain leather to create a durable product. Although that means it isn’t 100% leather, it still ages gracefully and isn’t as susceptible to scratches and abrasions as leather is so that you can get the maximum value from this investment as a rugged weekend bag.

weekend bag

4. Hølssen Genuine Leather Weekender

When your leather duffel doubles as an overnight bag, you can appreciate the simple convenience that goes into its design. This particular example uses cow leather, treated by the Crazy Horse technique, to create a durable user experience. The solid brass hardware matches with a fabric lining to ensure it can protect your belongings. You’ll get three zippered pockets in total, 2 external for maximum safety and convenience, helping to keep essential items close, ideal for travel.

leather duffel bag

5. Gent Supply Company Leather Duffel Adventure Bag

This duffel bag comes crafted from 100% buffalo hide treated with the Crazy Horse methodology once again. This process gives it a unique, broken-in look from the beginning of your ownership experience. It provides a separate flat compartment at the bottom for toiletries or shoes, while the interior uses a combination of cotton and polyester to support the longer trips you might need to take. Its handy expandable section could hold a week’s worth of clothing, offering a great lightweight option for longer trips.

leather travel bag

6. KPL 21 Vintage Leather Gym Bag

If you’re on a budget and looking for the most affordable leather duffel bag available right now, this selection provides the most value. It uses an aged full-grain leather with a canvas lining to offer more durability and a worn, rustic look. It comes with detachable straps and fits most airlines’ dimensions as a cabin bag or carry-on item. It uses durable YKK zippers and brass rivets to ensure your belongings stay safe on each journey.

KPL duffle bag

From Illicium: The Kingshood Leather Duffle Bag

The Kingshood Leather Duffle Bag delivers the traditional, classic hold-all design with a few upgrades to consider. We use a full-grain leather exterior to provide immediate, timeless sophistication, while the dark ox-blood suede interior gives you that luxurious touch while pampering your belongings.

We’ve added twin pockets to the outside to keep your keys, smartphone, and other essentials, on one side, whilst the other side offers a separate shoe compartment for cleanliness. There’s a large inner compartment for extra stabilisation and convenience to offer the storage needed for virtually any need.

kingshood leather duffle bag

You can even emboss your initials on the bag for a small added fee. As well as the potential to fully customize the bag with a bespoke hand painted design.

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of the Best Leather Duffle Bags Today?

A leather duffel bag is a long-term investment, but it is one that pays immediate dividends. You’ll enjoy convenience and comfort with the products mentioned in this guide while staying organised throughout your daily errands and travels.

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