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how big of an opening do i need to put human ashes in necklace
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How Big of an Opening Do I Need to Put Human Ashes in Necklace? – Creating a Necklace with Ashes

“Those we love never truly leave us. There are things death cannot touch.”

Death can take away your beloved one. But it cannot take the love and memory you shared. A cremation ashes necklace is a way to keep the departed one’s essence always with you like a warm hug from him/her, but you may be wondering; how big of an opening do i need to put human ashes in necklace? Well that question will be answered, but first, to make an ashes necklace, you need to choose the right pendant.

You may now think how big of an opening do I need to put human ashes in a necklace? The ideal size of a pendant’s opening ranges between 1.5mm to 4mm. It varies according to size, design and style of the pendant.

Let’s explore the different sizes and factors that influence the size.

how big of an opening do i need to put human ashes in necklace

Common Range of Pendant’s Opening Size for Human Ashes in Necklace

When selecting a memorial pendant, the size of the opening is a crucial aspect. It determines how the ashes are securely held within the piece. It also determines how securely you can put ashes in the pendant. How big of an opening do you need to put human ashes in a necklace depends on various designs and preferences. Each memorial piece is unique. The size of the opening in the pendant should match the emotional significance it holds. The common range of pendant opening sizes falls between 1.5mm to 4mm in diameter. 

Small Openings (1.5mm – 2mm)

Pendants with small openings are ideal for delicate and minimalist designs. These openings, ranging from 1.5mm to 2mm, allow for a subtle and discreet placement of ashes. Such pendants often feature intricate detailing. They are perfect for someone who wants a subtle yet heartfelt way to carry a loved one’s essence.

Medium Openings (2.5mm – 3mm)

Medium-sized openings, between 2.5mm and 3mm, offer versatility in design. These openings accommodate a wide range of pendant styles. This varies from intricate patterns to simpler, classic looks. Medium-sized pendants strike a balance between elegance and visibility. If you seek a pendant that is both pleasing and meaningful then this size is perfect.

Large Openings (3.5mm – 4mm)

Larger openings, from 3.5mm to 4mm are the perfect choice for bolder, statement pieces. Large openings showcase ashes prominently and feature bold designs. They’re perfect for those seeking a visible and impactful cremation ashes pendant. It showcases the essence of their loved one in a significant way. If you are going to fill the pendant on your own, I suggest choosing a bigger opening.

How Big of an Opening Do I Need to Put Human Ashes in Necklace? – Choosing the Right Size

To make a memorial necklace the appropriate size for the pendant opening is a crucial matter. While choosing the right size, several factors come into play. Consider these factors to make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences.

Factors Influencing the Size of the Pendant Opening

Size of the Ashes

Cremation ashes vary in texture and density. Choosing the right size of the opening somehow depends on the size of the ashes particles. If you decide to use powder ashes the smallest size of the opening is ok. If you want to put slightly larger particles of the ashes, you need a bit bigger opening.

Pendant Design and Style

The design of the pendant itself affects the size of the opening. Some designs might allow for a larger cavity to accommodate more ashes. While others are more compact, requiring a smaller opening.

Wearer’s Preferences and Comfort

Consider the preferences of the person who will wear the necklace. Some individuals prefer a discreet, smaller pendant. While others might appreciate a slightly larger one for a bolder statement. Additionally, the wearer’s comfort is paramount. The pendant should not be too heavy or cumbersome.

Consulting with a Specialist or Jeweller

To pick the right size of the opening consult with a specialist or experienced jeweller. These professionals have the expertise to guide you through the decision-making process. They can assess your specific requirements. They can suggest the right size based on the quantity of cremation ashes and design.

Different Types of Ashes Memorial Pendants

Memorial pendants come in a variety of designs, each carefully crafted to honour the memory of a loved one. Understand the different types and their unique features. It can help you to choose a pendant that resonates with your emotions and memories.

how big of an opening do i need for human ashes in necklace

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Classic Pendant Styles

Classic memorial pendants feature timeless designs that cater to a diverse taste. These pendants often have a simple yet elegant appearance. Examples include classic urn shape, simple lockets, or heart-shaped pendants. It is suitable for those who prefer a traditional and understated look. The openings in these pendants typically vary. It allows for customization based on the wearer’s preferences.

Customized and Personalized Pendants

Customized memorial pendants offer a deeply personal way to remember a loved one. These pendants include intricate engravings, birthstones, or other meaningful symbols along with it. The opening sizes in customized pendants are meticulously tailored for unique designs. This ensures a seamless integration of personal touches.

Religious and Symbolic Pendants 

Religious and symbolic memorial pendants bring comfort to believers. These pendants often feature religious motifs, such as crosses or angels. Also, they feature symbols that represent love, eternity, or other spiritual themes. The sizes of the openings in these pendants are adapted to suit the intricacies of the symbols.

Summing Up

A memorial necklace is not just an accessory; it’s a profound tribute. Craft a necklace that embodies the cherished memories, keeping them close, and allowing your loved one’s spirit to shine brightly. In crafting a memorial necklace to hold human ashes, the right size of the pendant opening is pivotal. The size should align with the wearer’s preference and comfort.

I think you’ve now got your answer to, How big of an opening do I need for human ashes in necklace?

Consider working with a jeweller or a cremation jewelry specialist. They can guide you on the appropriate size based on your specific design and the type of ashes. 

Thank you for your time reading this blog and I hope it was informative with regards to how big of an opening do i need to put ashes in necklace. If you have any other concerns left in mind, please let us know.

Good Day!

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