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how to put cufflinks on tux
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Where Do Cufflinks Go on a Tux – The Proper Tuxedo Etiquette

Cufflinks are the go-to accessory when it comes to tuxedos. They complement each other so well and in a sense, you can say it’s required to have cufflinks with tuxedo. However, if you are thinking about where do cufflinks go on a tux,  in short, it’s on the French cuffs. 

Let’s check out the combination of cufflinks with a tuxedo and find out how to put on cufflinks on a tux.

Cufflinks go on the cuff of the French cuff shirt you wear under the tux or tuxedo suit. French cuff shirts have long sleeves that fold over and are fastened with cufflinks through the double cuffs. And that is where the cufflinks go on a tux instead of the suit itself. 

Wearing cufflinks doesn’t take much effort if you know how to put cufflinks on a tux. However, picking the right cufflinks for the right type of suit or tuxedo is the real magic. Also, you have to make sure you have the right elements to do that, and they are-

  • Tuxedo full suit
  • French cuff shirt and
  • Cufflinks
how to put cufflinks on a tux

As I mentioned earlier, wearing cufflinks is not that complex in itself. All you have to do is to get the right shirt and cufflinks and you should be good to go. And if you want to know how to put cufflinks on a tuxedo, it’s not that different as well, pretty simple actually. However, matching cufflinks with your tuxedo is the real art. 

Here are the steps on how to put cufflinks on a tux:

  • Fold the French cuffs over so that the two holes on each cuff line up.
  • Insert the cufflink through the holes.
  • Close the clasp on the back of the cuff.
how to put cufflinks on tux

Yes, you wear cufflinks with a tux. Cufflinks should be paired with a tuxedo to enlighten the proper attire. However, you can go with a formal suit if you want to wear cufflinks. And if you also ask, do you need cufflinks for a tux or where do cufflinks go on a tux? You should consider wearing cufflinks if you want to wear a tuxedo.

You wear cufflinks on formal occasions and they do add a level of classiness to your attire. And when paired with a tuxedo, it definitely can help you stand out from the crowd in the sense of styling and elegance.

how to put cufflinks on tux

Wearing cufflinks with a tux or tuxedo is a fantastic idea, in fact, it’s kind of a must you can say. Cufflinks add a layer of elegance to your overall look even with a normal suit. 

Cufflinks are designed for a simple purpose, and that is to secure the cuffs of a French cuff shirt. They also elevate your overall look adding a touch of classiness. Cufflinks with a tuxedo give you a refined look for a black-tie event and also they let you showcase your personal taste and style. 

Do tuxedos need cufflinks for a truly polished and sophisticated look at formal events? The answer is it’s always a good idea to wear cufflinks with a tuxedo as they go like two peas in a pod. But you can wear a tuxedo even without cufflinks. Also, it’s important to consider the event guidelines you are attending. It’s best to follow the dress code or the vibe of the specific event you are attending.

It’s also important to consider the styling of the cufflinks with the tuxedo you are wearing. Here are some tips on how to put cufflinks on a tuxedo-

  • Match the Metal: Cufflinks come with many types of metals and materials. It’s important to match the metal and coloring of the cufflinks with the tuxedo suit.
  • Consider the Shirt: It’s also important to consider the shirt of the shirt you are wearing. Make sure the shirt cuffs are French cuffs or suitable for cufflinks.
  • Select a Formal Design: You should choose formal cufflinks for a tuxedo as they are worn in black-tie events.
  • Complement Your Bowtie: You should also pick cufflinks that complement your bowtie if you wear one.
  • Tie It All Together: When matching your tuxedo with cufflinks consider your overall looks. All components should be harmonious altogether.
  • Proper Placement: Double-check if you placed or attached the cufflinks all the way. Proper placement ensures proper styling and avoids unwanted situations. 
  • Consider the Occasion: Finally, consider the occasion you are attending. Make sure tuxedo and cufflinks are okay for the event you are attending.


Cufflinks are always a good idea with a formal suit such as a tuxedo. However, if you were not sure where do cufflinks go on a tux, it’s not that complicated, to be honest. You can follow the simple steps mentioned above and it should be okay. If you ask me, it’s the selection of cufflinks that matters the most when it comes to wearing cufflinks with a tuxedo.

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