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Men’s Cufflinks: How To Find the Best Cufflinks For You

Some products can have confusing names, but that doesn’t apply to the cufflink. It does what its moniker suggests.

The cufflink is a small, integral component of a black-tie dress code or classy outfit with attention to finer details. This item binds the cuffs of French shirts, which have buttonholes without a button to secure them.

If you need cufflinks for your wardrobe, the information in this guide can help you avoid a potential mistake for your next event, as well as provide you with recommendations for the best cufflinks for all budgets.


When you wear your favourite cufflinks to a party or event, most people won’t slide up to you with a compliment about them. What they will do is point out a faux pas you’ve made. Let’s face it – most guys don’t wear cufflinks daily, so errors happen.

These tips will help you avoid the most serious mistakes that men sometimes make when wearing cufflinks.

Your cufflinks should match each other. When someone wears two different socks, the eye notices that fact immediately because it seems out of place. You’ll get the same result by wearing two unique cufflinks that aren’t a pair.

When possible, it helps to match your cufflinks to your rink and watch to give your fashion some extra cohesion.

Know the dress code.

Most events that men attend which require cufflinks are considered black-tie affairs. Although you can experiment with colours, the traditional options are onyx, gold, silver, or mother-of-pearl.

If you attend a white-tie event, you should only use light-coloured cufflinks. The best cufflinks choices would be silver or pearl.

braided chain cufflinks

If your business dress code requires cufflinks, you don’t need to manage your day while wearing an expensive set. You can go with a classic choice, such as polished steel, as you’ll find with the Illicium Infinite Loop Cufflinks. Not only are they affordable, but they also deliver a classic style by featuring a triplet of solid cable chains.

The best cufflinks for everyday wear should be durable because you never know what environment you’ll face. They should be easy to put on and take off, yet you still have enough versatility to look fantastic if you go out for drinks later.

Cufflinks are meant to be a subtle form of expressionism. The Charm of Sapphire cufflinks are an excellent example of this trait, using faux sapphire CZ crystals to create a beautiful, vivid pattern. It establishes a Victorian aura on a budget.

chram of saph cufflinks

Novelty cufflinks are fun to wear to some parties or events, but they’re generally not the best cufflinks to wear in a formal setting. You can love playing the electric guitar without wearing them on your wrist! Let your passion come out in conversation instead.

Illicium offers two excellent cufflink choices, as found in the tips above. When one of those options isn’t your style, here are some additional designs to consider so that you can make the correct first impression.

If you love Cartier products, these cufflinks deliver a traditional result without being overly complicated. It features sterling silver and palladium to look clean and crisp against a white shirt. The design is meant to match the brand’s Drive wristwatch to create extra cohesion, priced at £315.

best cufflinks

This global brand produces extraordinary cufflinks that always start a conversation. If you have a black-tie affair to attend, its silver foundation with dark onyx and a central diamond delivers the perfect fashionable flourish. If anything, you’ll want to ensure the rest of your outfit matches the standard that these cufflinks set.

dean francis cuffs

Although this brand is known more for making high-end firearms, its approach to creating cufflinks is worth reviewing. The cost might be high for some guys at £995, but you cannot ignore the opulence they offer. High-grade walnut wood gets featured as the primary element, surrounded by sterling silver, and with the company’s unique starburst log.

purdey cuffs

If you’re trying to keep to a tighter budget, the cufflinks from this shirting brand are an excellent choice to consider. Although they mix dark onyx and milky pearl in the same set, you have more flexibility with your fashion choices with this design. Offered in a sterling silver setting, this option is the best cufflinks choice for a white-tie gathering.

turnbull cufflinks

5. Montblanc Cufflinks

When you prefer the knotted design for modern cufflinks, this option provides an excellent result to consider. It uses a stainless steel foundation with a clip-fastening design to create an effortless bind with understated elegance. You can think of this option as sophistication on a budget.

montblanc cufflinks

6. Richard James Cufflinks

Guys who want to add some extra personality to their fashion can use these incredible geometric cufflinks. The combination of white, dark, and burgundy won’t make you seem eclectic to the average stranger, but you’ll also take your look to a new level with this unique design. It’ll look perfect with the gold framing with most rings and watches in formal or casual settings.

richard james cuffs

Most guys purchase cufflinks based on their current budget. That approach is often seen as sacrificing quality to get the intended result.

Illicium cufflinks prove that you don’t need to pay a lot to take advantage of the fashionable value that this product offers.

You can certainly pay more for a luxury brand or to have precious metals, but it is often more critical to have form meet function.

Although there aren’t any hard or fast rules to wearing them, most guys wear cufflinks to formal social or business settings. You can also wear them in a more relaxed situation, especially if you want to embrace the idea of playfulness with those around you.

Wear cufflinks when the time feels right. When you do, the confidence you’ll feel can help you reach whatever goals you have for the day.

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